Don't always believe what you hear.  Below are common misconceptions about the care of your carpet.

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1.  All carpet cleaning companies are the same so I'll just hire the company with the lowest quote.
No. Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. Most of the St. Louis carpet cleaning companies I know of will quote you one price on the phone to get in your door; and then when they leave, your quote goes up 200 or 300 dollars more.  At Huck's Carpet Cleaning, what we quote is what you pay. We don't charge for every little stain we get out of your carpet, nor do we charge sales tax. 
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2.  It makes no difference which carpet cleaning method I choose.

Not true. Only truckmount steam carpet cleaning equipment will get the unseen dirt and grime out of your carpet. Carpet cleaning machines you see at the store operate on your tap water, which means the water only gets as hot as your faucet. A truckmount will maintain a 260-degree water temperature, which is needed to get your carpet as clean and stain-free as possible.
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3.  Industry standards recommend that you should have your carpets cleaned every 6 to 18 months; however, we recommend every 6 to 12 months.  The longer you wait, the more embedded your dirt and stains will become into your carpet. The more embedded, the harder it is to remove.